Weeping Willows & Testaments

will and testament treeAfter correlating weeping willow trees to last wills and testaments, I'm telling how I came around to making my own and then giving you a few options for making one.


Ever since I heard Veda’s solemn poem in the movie My Girl, I have had a theory that the expression “last will and testament” may derive from the tree terminology of “weeping willow”.  In brief, anyone that takes one look at that lush and curved species near watery bodies can pick up on its majestic aura. For that reason, it is prominent in world-wide culture, literature, arts, and spirituality.  However, my research to-date has yet to prove this correlation between the somewhat sad shrub and the important legal paperwork associated with death; but, many agree that the symbolic relationship is strong.

And, Testaments

So, what exactly is the point of all this imagery and pondering?  As a transition to answering a popular and valid question that I’m often asked:  Do I have a will, and if so when did I first make one? For me, I was getting ready to take an international flight with my husband and leaving our 1yr old baby behind with the grandparents for the first time when it dawned on me that we should really have everything in order – just in case. Being extremely self-sufficient, I purchased a software package, discussed scenarios at length with my partner, and then completed/printed/signed the documents in front of a witness.  However, there are many other valid ways to do this such as hiring a lawyer or using services at LegalShield.  It’s up to you how to go about this official business; but, I’ll go out on a limb and hope for your sake that you do it sooner rather than later!  
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  1. I completely agree, it’s so important to be prepared and have everything in order. I procrastinated getting this done, but am thankful to have LegalSheild and their legal services to assist our family with this process.

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