Way to “Go”al

businessman pouring money over a city, symbolizing what it might feel like after quitting after getting a bonus

Ever given notice right after receiving a bonus? Incentives-aside, lend your opinion about quitting after getting a bonus!

When annual bonus pay-outs hit employee’s bank accounts, cheers echo in the corridors:  You say:  “Bonus!”  I say:  “Anyone want to quit?”. While slightly exaggerated, I hypothesize that it’s all too true of workers to provide their undying company loyalty until bonus checks clear .... a.k.a. quitting after getting a bonus. If correct that thank you pay for achievements sparks this type of behavior, then why do over 80% of employers hand out bonuses (according to a 2015 report by World at Work)? It could create a duel effect– some staying longer to collect, which would benefit employers, and others leaving quickly after the benefit clears, which would benefit employees. With no statistical evidence found in my own Google search, let’s test this theory with a vote of our own using the below poll.  Don't be shy; I want to hear from everyone so that we have a solid sample size to analyze the results. Whatever the outcome may be, it’s fair to say that bonus pay is the way to “go”al!

Have you jumped ship shortly after receiving a short-term incentive/retention payout?

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