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I'm gonna leave some theoretical advice under the pillow regarding the Tooth Fairy amount ($2) given to my Moola Kids on those special days.  What do you think ... am I pearly"right"?

You can handle the tooth.

There are many seasonal, fabled figures of early childhood such as Santa Claus and Easter Bunny that have dedicated their day of celebration; but, let us not forget the day-in, day-out efforts of the notable Tooth Fairy.  This charmed character remains untethered to religious ties and makes spontaneous house calls to all denominations of girls and boys on average of 20 times per youngster over their youth. This begs the question:  With this kind of visitation schedule and popularity, what’s the going rate for a tooth in America?

How sweet (tooth) is this wisdom (tooth)!

Lucky for me, there is a nifty website called that has been tracking expenditures since 1998 and currently claims that $3.91 is the going rate on the market.  This may make me look like a tight sprite with my offering of only $2 per tooth, but I may up the difference with creativity as I gift the money in the unique form of a $2 bill.  My kiddos love this surprise not tucked under their pillow, but instead stuffed inside of their very own tooth pillow (see below) that hangs on the doorknob.

Your “fillings” on the matter?

Now that I’ve divulged my personal antics as Toothy Twinkle Toes, it’s your turn.  Feel free to “mouth off” and “dent-all” about your family traditions in the comment section!
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2 thoughts on “Twoth Fairy

  1. Since my kids had little concept of money at the age of first tooth loss.. Our tooth fairy leaves toothbrushes.. And they loved getting them!

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