an impossible triangle, symbolizing triangle savings

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 3 sides to every story. Let this passage about triangle savings on time, quality, and money shape your mind!

When it comes to shapes that save me time, money, and quality it’s surely the triangle that wins every time.

As my recollection of geometry lessons long ago reminds me, the legs of a triangle are typically labeled by A, B, and C.  With that in mind, I’ll base my argument for why these triangles are al”right” by me on a similar list composition:


Diagonals … When I need to put a skip in my step, I literally cut corners. For example, in a mall trying to get back to my parking lot or on a walk through my neighborhood at idle four-way stops I bee-line to my final destination using a crosswise route versus the generally accepted L-shaped path. I’ll spare losing you in a symbolic, mathematical Bermuda triangle, but you can take my word that this behavior generally shaves off about 59% of the time.


Multi-destinational flights … As I just discovered when trying to visit both my mother in FL and a friend in OH, a three-legged flight planned right can really save some moola. Instead of booking two roundtrip flights for approx. $300 each (totaling $600), I bought three one-way flights for about $125 each (totaling $375) – saving $225 or 37.5%.   Plus, I saved roughly 3.5hr of transit/flight time (or $90.02 in potential wages at a $25.72/hr rate) by eliminating one leg of these trips.


Giftwrap or Packaging … Ever tried to wrap a present and realized mid-process that you just don’t have quite enough paper? To creatively solve that problem, place the gift on the paper slanted crossways at an angle and you’ll find that it can miraculously work out – sparing you the shame of handing over a grossly miswrapped package. All and all, this quality hack saves time by avoiding a last minute trip to the store in desperation for a new role of decorative wrap.

In closing, as a silly joke once was told …. “What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless!”

My thoughts exactly when trying to express my love for triangle savings over all other shapes. With that, I hope you like the silly slant and rant that I’ve described here; regardless, a rule of three never fails to disappoint.  Now go forth and “try”angles that I’ve showcased or share some that you have done with success in the notes sections so that we don’t all impossibly start from square one.
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