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Welcome to my one stop shop for advice on how to leave quick and easy tips.  It's my pleasure to serve you in forgoing your tip calculator!

Back of the "Serviette" Shortcuts

Does the 8th grade math student within you cringe when you get to part of your restaurant adventure where the bill comes and you are forced to do a tip calculation on the fly? Instead of whipping out your smartphone’s tip calculator or scratching a numerical algorithm on the back of a napkin, try some of my handy shortcuts.
  • For those sticking to the generally accepted 18% amount use this math heuristic:  10% of the bill x 2 and round the cents down.
  • On behalf of big spenders at the 20% mark, use 10% of the bill and double it.
  • If you are on a tighter budget and need to stay near the 15% area, you could use this alternative:  10% of the bill + ½ (10% of the bill) and round the cents up.
  •  When all else fails, just take the tax amount and double/triple it depending on your state’s rate.

Now you know how to Es"Tip-Math" it!

Any of the above tipping tricks should make you look like a math hero the next time you need to leave a quick and accurate tip on the double.  Oh, and this shouldn’t be a problem for long as trends show more and more receipts are being printed with suggested tip amounts already on them … go figure!
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6 thoughts on “Tipping Tips

  1. Great tips! 😉 Pun intended.

    Math has always been a little tricky to me, but thanks to my state’s tax being a pretty much universal 9.25% on EVERYTHING, I can just quickly double it! However, I have been noticing that some restaurants are implementing a $5 minimum tip! Go figure!

  2. Here in Canada, the payment machines will often prompt if you’d like to tip and then you can choose by percentage or $ amount.

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