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italian money to symbolize the oldest bank

I'm banking on the fact that you don't already knowing which establishment is the oldest bank in continuing operation. ¡Sorpresa – it’s Italiano!

How “Interest”ing

As evidenced by the below timeline, I have always sensed that Italy had deep roots in money. 1990: “Pretty Woman” released and the scene of “La Traviata” impressed on me that opera was for the 1%. 1995: My first esthetician told me that “If eyebrows were money, us Italians would be rich”. 2000: I watched Y2K fireworks atop Ponte Vecchio, a street/bridge in Florence, Italy known for its wealth of gold shops. 2001: Magazines announced that George Clooney buys a home in none other than Lake Como, Italy. 2008: At a dinner my father reminisced about the good old days and educated us about how the term "money-laundering" originated from the Italian mafia.

Una Banca Bella

But, it wasn’t until 2014 when meandering around Sienna, Italy on a 5yr wedding anniversary that our tour guide detoured from the famed Palio courtyard to show us the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena - the oldest bank surviving in the world founded in 1472. Should you want to know which USA bank is renowned for the same thing, its Bank of New York, established in 1784.
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