The Jury Is Still Out On That One.

paid mock jurorsIn my search of expansive ways to build a side income stream, I tried nearly all of the legal sites that enable members to be paid mock jurors. Upon review - I feel that it’s my duty to advise against this course of action.

Since I like participating in both traditional and online focus groups, I thought this angle seemed like a natural extension and fit for my interests/contributions.  So, I spent about 30 minutes filling out the online registration forms for 7 sites that claim to need services rendered:  eJury, Jury Talk, Online Verdict, Research Resolution, Jury Test, National Research Staffing, and Virtual Jury.  I also tried to enroll with Trial Juries, but it’s been taken offline.  And, I avoided signing up at Sign Up Direct because they required a Driver’s License in the registration process. Regardless, after waiting around ~6 months and never receiving any leads or further communication from many of these 8 companies I must say that in my case the jury has spoken:  guilty of not meeting my expectations.  The one caveat was Research Resolution that seemed to have potential for other income streams via surveys and the such; if you want a referral, just contact me with your email. But, the ball (and chain) of being paid mock jurors is in your court … you be the judge; the verdict is up to you!
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