That’s So Fetch!

I wish I had a tail to wag after exploring the new Fetch App (a quick and easy way to save when grocery shopping); instead, I’ll just “bark” off my thoughts and referral code.

Throw …

No bones about it, the Fetch App turns grocery receipts into rewards. Using its app, scan your grocery receipt from ANY grocery, convenience, or club store to earn points that cash in for gift card rewards. Points earned are bigger if you buy their offered items, but the coolest part is that it awards you 25 points per scan even if you buy nothing that they are promoting. So far this year I’ve fetched 2 rewards for a total of $20 in Amazon shopping; coincidentally, I used it to buy doggie poop bags and a leash dispenser.

And, Retrieve

So, throw this dog a bone and sign up today.  I only have until midnight tonight for my friends to enter my code (U7BJA) and scan their first receipt. Those that do will earn both of us a $4 bonus, or 4,000 points. Don’t wait … go fetch this “paw”some offer before it’s too late! If the deadline is missed, still use my code anytime you do sign up because we’ll both earn something less like $3, $2, or $1.  Thanks, I “woof” you!
Ps. If receipt scanning for money is your thing, check out my other posts on Ibotta or Receipt Hog.
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