Taxing Off!

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As I was taking off yesterday on a flight home from the west coast back to Minneapolis, the idea (and title) for this week’s blog post came to me. You see, I was in Arizona doing some pre-holiday shopping on 12/24 when I decided to buy myself a pair of Pilcro Em Jeans in the color Jinny from Anthropologie (ps. have a looksee).  I was a little bummed about having to cart this personal item back in my luggage that was already too tightly packed.  So, as I handed over my credit card I asked “Hey – by chance, would you waive the sales tax and ship it to my home in Minnesota (where clothing is tax free)?” She pleasantly responded that she’d have to check with a manager; within minutes, she then re-rung the total and re-processed my order, saving $2.69 off the purchase price of $47.95. With an annual budget of only $400 for clothing,  that gives me about 1% of wiggle room and was definitely a Moola Mom kind of moment!

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