Not A Dime on Prime Day

picture of a dime for my post on amazon prime day My prime purpose in life yesterday was to hop on Amazon during Prime Day and score some deals on the month-long wish list I had accumulated comprised of patio furniture, picture frames, beta fish water conditioner, and acrylic dinnerware.  Sorely, not of this fell on sale and I had to purchase at dumb full-price. Oh well, I know it wasn’t electronics – which is sort of the crux of the deal.  This in mind, I did just send my hubs a text message to seek out a TV needed for our den by midnight tonight as that’s when the deals end; we’ll see how that hunt goes and if he score’s a super sweet price.  How about you all … raving about any great prime-time buys? Do tell in the comment section!
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Parking Pointers

With a winding story, I'm going to drive a lesson home about parking lots that might save you a lot of time by avoiding the unsuspecting mishap.

Back in the day, my family parked this badboy under bright lights to evade car theft.
Let me paint you a picture of how I grew up.  It was the 80s in Miami and our family of five drove around Miami in a white Camero with T-tops.  It was stolen three times that I know of – one of which was at my 11th birthday party, which we figured out while roaming around the parking lot of a Tony Roma’s (known for its awesome party room) with armfuls of balloons and presents. The Dade County police had other fish to fry and didn’t even show up to take a report.  So, my dad (being the badass type of guy he is) took things into his own hands and with a friend went out into the night to find/retrieve his car.  While the full details are unknown to me, they shockingly pulled it off in one piece.  And, from there on out he parked that infamous Camero and every other vehicle since then underneath a big towering light in all parking lots. That rule of thumb became his MO – saving him time by securing a safer spot and avoiding another snafu.
Now, my family parks next to minivans to avoid accidents.
And here’s where the storyline stretch comes in and ties to the point I’d like to make… My parking lot modus operandi is a bit different than my dad’s since my car is modernized with an alarm system; instead of circling parking lots looking for the brightest bulb, I look for the minivans. Let me explain. Sliding doors are king in the pavement game.  No matter what happens, those entry and exit points aren’t going to whack open by a rushed or careless passenger and slam into my car. It’s my own Monopoly version of “free parking” when I know that my day is complete with no troubles, no worries, and no wasted time dealing with an accident report or worse a runaway dent bandit. So there you have it; park better next time with this lot of solid advice!
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