Gone Bananas

When in grade school, I did a project that made me go out to a store and record price per unit on a list of grocery items.  That exercise made a definite impact; I haven’t shopped since without a glance at the shelf label, and often I find myself re-doing some quick math of my own.

For example, on a recent jaunt to the grocer I noticed regular bananas were 29 cents each at the table and that a bunch of organic bananas were $1.47 at a separate stand.  The price per unit math of $1.47/$0.29 = 5.08 proved that if I found a bunch of at least 6 organic bananas it would be a better deal than the regular bananas.   In addition to finding the right shade of yellow (not green or brown), I proceeded to hunt for the largest bunches of 8 bananas - coming to a unit price of 18 cents each.  That 11 cents saved per banana might not make you think twice, but oh boy did it make me excited.  And oh boy – is right; DYK that eating bananas has been proven to lead to sons? Case in point, I have three. Regardless, everyone in our house - both male and female - eats (at least) a banana a day, so that equates to (a minimum) of 35 bananas per week.  Extrapolate that quantity out to 52 weeks and I find an annual bunch of savings to the tune of $200.20…that’s one type of green banana I like! *Granted it is easier to do this price check in the 11 states/territories that mandate it according to the NIST Handbook.  Those are: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Virgin Islands.
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