Trump’s Tactics Are … Taxing

Tax Day is here.  If you are like me, you might be spending it dutifully checking Twitter to see if you-know-who makes mention of it or even surprises the world at-large by releasing his unseen records.  Regardless of what side of the political fence you stand on, it's wise to want this guy to release his full tax return. Not only is it a ~40 year old precedent that instills transparency in our governmental processes, but it is also a critical document for revealing information about one’s business dealings (which in this case … ahem, Russia, would be telling). Bottom line is that a leader’s credibility hinges on experience and trust; his self-protecting antics in this regard destroy confidence held in him by the American people and frankly is wasting everyone's time. So that no one calls me a hypocrite for speaking out on the subject, I’ll gladly sidestep the privacy argument and put my own dual-income household’s federal information on the table for all to see at a marginal rate of ~28% (the highest bracket eligible for my household’s income) and an effective rate of ~20% (the average of bracket stage gates post-deductions).  There you have it.  I walked like a duck; now it’s Donald's turn.
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