I Spy a Panelist Worth Talking About … You

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I am under surveillance on a daily basis by Panel App, a tracking app that pays me money.  I like being a "focus group of one" and you might too!

I Spy …

Panel App by a company called Placed, Inc. (note – the symbolic acronym of PI) collects data for the purpose of analytics from those willing to share basic information like location services and phone usage.   They make it very easy to earn money by simply installing the app (only 29.6 MB – very lightweight; in fact, my Sudoku app needs more space), creating an account, and filling out a brief profile. Then, you just leave the app on your phone and accrue points each day; truly a set and forget strategy for earning some extra cash.

With My Little Eye…

Now, this ‘fly on the wall’ app isn’t for everyone.   Some conspiracy theorists may think this concept is a bit creepy, like 1984’s Big Brother is watching you; but, not me.  I have nothing to hide and could care less if a company monitors my daily travels to and from the library, Macy’s, the post office, Trader Joe’s, work, Chipotle, or any other setting with a mini GPS tracker. Blame it on today’s selfie-culture or whatever; in fact, I kind of am flattered by the spying and think of it as the closest I’ll get to staring in a modern-day James Bond movie.

Something Green…

My projected points per year are ~12,000 so in just 15 months I was eligible for a $25 giftcard to either Amazon.com, Playstore, or Visa …of which I recently cashed out and chose Visa.  For those curious, I  plan on using the money to buy champagne bottles for my annual Bachelorette Finale Viewing Party next Monday (now, Reality TV really is the ultimate surveillance experiment if you ask me).  Anyhows, I could have earned points faster had I shared/earned via my referral link or by taking quick surveys about the whereabouts that I visited.  In conclusion, be a leader and let this company start following you today!
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