A simple “HelloFresh” could lead to a million things.

HelloFreshI tried out HelloFresh - a healthy meal plan delivery service - after a friend highly recommended it to me.  When the 1st box arrived on my doorstep, I was hooked on its delicious, quick, and healthy meals.  If you ask me, their tagline should’ve been “Goodbye Processed, HelloFresh”.

Well, hello there.

HelloFresh offers and I’ve tried all 3 meal plans –  classic, veggie, and family – that come in tidy ingredient boxes, maximizing my fridge space and keeping me sane/inspired when menu-planning for the week. Each gives option choices so you never end up with something that you don’t enjoy. But, let me be clear – I’ve truly loved it all … especially the fancied up dishes (think date night at home) and new foods (sometimes ethnic-inspired too) that I wouldn’t normally pick up at the store.

A breath of fresh air.

Oh, and did I mention that their website and app are super slick by being both informative and user-friendly while allowing you to schedule deliveries around any date or location. Customer experience has also been a delight; if a product is damaged or missing, just call them up and talk to a real human that will credit your account for the meal (really – I’ve done it twice in two years).

I think it’s time for a fresh start.

If the cost makes you shy away from this type of thing, justify it like I do with the tremendous impact it’s had on our household’s food waste (ahem, there is none anymore compared to the average US household of $640 according to Motley Fool) or get going with a side hustle to inspire others to join like I am, which will subsidize your payout with referral credits. On that note …

Every hello ends with a goodbye.

Hopefully, you clicked on the link above and will soon begin your own food masterpiece journey. Truly, the only downside I’ve ever considered about the product is that the produce comes whole and not prepped/chopped.  But, the upside to that is that practice makes perfect as you learn to cook with their handy recipe cards (of which I’ve kept 65 for repeat usage).  No matter what you choose to do, spend a moment flipping through my drool-worthy collection of gallery photos highlighting my top meals!  
  • Italian Meatloaf
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