Showered in Spa Savings

image of a bouffant style shower cap with duck print

After analyzing how much time (and hence money) I waste by washing/drying my hair every day, I realized what its worth to use a shower cap!

Savings Down the Drain

I have a bob hairstyle right now and it still takes 5 minutes to wash my hair with another 15 minutes to dry my hair.  Assuming I shower daily, that adds up to nearly 91 hours / year; multiplied by a self-imposed rate of $25.72/hour for my time and I quickly realize that I am spending a theoretical $2,340.52/annually on my rinse and repeat ritual!

Smart Shower Cap Solutions

To cut back on this time drain, I invested a mere $12 in a reusable shower cap (a bouffant style by Spa Sister) and vowed to try using it at least one time per week.   As luck would have it, I really enjoy this thing … especially its fun pattern and clever dual-lining… and have really kept up on the routine.   More so, I have even started to gift these to friends/family as they make for thoughtful “spa-like” presents.

A "Tub" of Other Benefits

Oh  - and, here’s a free tip - don’t tell your significant other when you’re using your shower cap and instead lock yourself in a bathroom sanctuary to either soak in a bubble bath or to paint your toenails with the extra time you’ve saved.  Totally worth it for some valuable and well-earned R&R; don’t you agree?
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