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Let me drive home a message that car safety is 1 area where time is well-spent, especially when it comes to our littlest passengers; can help!


I’ve heard through word-of-mouth that roughly 90% of car seats are not correctly installed and recently learned through NPR and The Journal of Pediatrics (source) that 43% of children who died from car crashes were improperly restrained.


That’s horrifying!  To do my part in protecting my most precious and invaluable cargo, I have dedicated some major time into this process....including lots of research on  Here's a look at what I've done over time:


When my husband and I first put car seats in our cars nearly 7 years ago in our respective a GTI and A4 we reached out to many sources to gain confidence including our pediatrician, car manuals, a DMV, BabyCenter, and even the local fire station. All went well, and we felt good about our installation.


With being more experienced pros at parenting we have upgraded our approach to be more proactive.   When purchasing our current cars (a Pilot and MDX) we became masters at things like tethers, latches, weight limitations, warranty time-frames, seat flatness, 3rd row width, and the such. And, we added a step into our process:  checking out’s Carseat Check (a site feature of with videos, charts, and more) to determine that our vehicles were highly rated with A’s and B’s on 8 variations of installation that would span our kids full car seat experience. As you can imagine, this boosted our sureness and we felt great about our installation.
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