Retail Rainbows

retail shopping bags of differing color

The psychology of color in retail is a powerful tool.  Retailers have been using its affects to their advantage for many years and it’s now time for consumers to better understand this science.

To exemplify, let’s break down the color red.

The color red grabs the attention and signifies impulsiveness.  Here are two different applications to demonstrate its strong impact:  sale signs and fast food chains.

1) There is a popular saying: “When it’s red, it’s read.”

That explains why most every sign is red that states some sort of sale, clearance, discount, rollback, temporary price cut, etc.  It’s no coincidence that the same color used on stop signs is the same color that brings you to a halt mid-aisle in the stores.

2) Branding experts agree that red triggers stimulation and appetite.

Are both instincts perhaps in primal relation to fire? Hypothesis aside, remember this red subliminal messaging the next time you visit one of these top-10 global fast food chains with red dominantly displayed in their logos: McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Dominos, Dairy Queen, or Papa Johns.

To "cone"clude, 80% of information reaches our brain via our eyes.

By recognizing how colors in the retail rainbow of ROYGBIV influence people, retailers can use it to induce intended feelings – such as intrigue, comfort, excitement, etc.  Be aware of this the next time you gravitate to something in aisle and keep that hue in cue! ps.  Shopify’s blog has done a great job of organizing this research into consumable content, so I suggest that you take a look later on to learn more.  Just come back sometime soon and post about what you’ve learned!
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3 thoughts on “Retail Rainbows

  1. I feel like this is really important in brand marketing, especially since social media is moving to such a visual sphere. I read somewhere that on Pinterest, pins incorporating red get pinned x times more. I used it, and for the most part, I do see a modest boost when it’s incorporated. I like how Shopify goes into the different ways you might want to position your brand, though, and will probably be keeping that in mind as I move forward to a more consistent imagery.

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