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All the money in the world can't buy you happiness, but these top 10 tips and tricks are sure to get you pointed in the right direction as you embark on testing out some of the money making apps that I'll be highlighting throughout my posts.

1) Use a personal email address.

When setting up new accounts or user IDs, make sure to use a personal email address (and possibly even a new one that you create specifically for your Moola Mom ventures).  And, I cannot stress this enough:  do not ever use not use a work email address.  Need I say more?

2) Start small and build.

For example, incorporate no more than 2-3 new activities per week into your schedule to ensure that you successfully adopt this new behavior set.  In other words, "Change little, earn lots."  With this or anything else for that matter, there is no need to overwhelm yourself in the short-run at risk of the long-run.

3) Pay it forward!

As you'll see throughout my site, I have shared referral codes with you in hopes that you'll use them.  The earnings I get will help me fund my site (which ain't cheap) and my future business plans (which ain't cheap either).  So, once you have all these cool apps and such downloaded on your device - using my referral codes, of course - then go on and share your own referral codes with others to make even more than you would on your own!

4) Stay connected to Wifi.

While my site or others apps that I refer you to may be addictive, there is no need to flush good money down the drain checking in while roaming for data.  Think about it - an elevator ride worth of activity won't damage your GB usage but a 6hr car-ride will ... unless you have a personal hot spot or some miracle service plan.

5)  Think BIG.

Remember, every penny counts.  To do this, quantifying your earnings into yearly amounts.  For example, a search engine that pays 10 cents/day is 70 cents/week or $2.80/month or $33.6/year. Multiply this over say 10 different tools that you productively fit into your life and you are looking at a few extra hundred dollars per year!

6) Have perspective.

In the example, $33.60 was an exemplary gain.  On one hand, you would have had to have had a 33.6% return on a $100 investment to make that kind of an impact.   In another light, it only took you say 1 second per search (or 10 seconds per day) which equates to an rate of nearly $34/hour - high above minimum wage!

7) Budget.

Keep it simple with a calendar and a spreadsheet (available soon in my Tools section).  Using a regular process to cash out rewards and tally up your money will keep you accountable to your goals and on top of your game.  For example, if you dabbling with my advice with the hopes of gaining $250/year to put towards your kid's school supply fun do not go and use the money on concert tickets to the next gig that comes into down. Everything yields to diligence.

8)  Tune it down.

There will be a time and place when you yell out "show me the money" (a la Jerry McGuire), but for now shhhhh.  By this, I mean a few things.  For one, this can be your little secret way of building a stockpile and you don't need to tell anyone about it if you don't want to for whatever your reasons.  For two, make money not noise.  As examples, use ear plugs when you are watching videos for cash, put the phone on mute if you are watching paid ads while waiting for your kid to fall asleep, or disable sounds in your app settings so that noisy notification bells don't interrupt a meeting.  A little piece and quiet never hurt anyone and won't cost you a dime.

9) Categorize.

One of my favorite games growing up (and to this day) is Scattegories. Since that game is all about creatively cataloging lists, lets apply that framework to our folder and filing structures within their respective apps and emails.  For example, group like items (such as your coupon apps or survey apps) into a folder on your phone for quick/easy access.  Or, make labels or auto-feeds within your email settings to minimize your organizational tasks.

10) Be present.

Well, not in terms of cash flow (because their its all about the compound interest so stay focused on the future).  However, my message here is different. What I'm talking about is being present.  Don't let a small obsession with this new hobby take away from your sleep, your relationships, your anything. Focus on what's important and fit the Moola Mom madness into those spare moments throughout the day that make cents (wait, I meant sense).

Now, enjoy the benefits of what my two cents are worth because as we all know: "The most important ten lessons I learned from Moola Mom!"

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