Getting Started

The “Top Ten List” was elevated to fame by Letterman during late night comedy routines and to that I am grateful.  With no further ado, below are my top 10 lists for digital money apps that aide in the categories of $ecuring, $tretching, and $pending.

1) Inbox Dollars (Referral Link) * 2) Bing (Referral Link) * 3) Shopkick (Referral Link) * 4) Panel App (Referral Link) * 5) Go On (Link) 6) Swagbucks (Referral Link) 7)  Rewardable (Link; Referral code = JTHOMPSON30) 8) Survey Mini (Link) 9)  Spare 5 (Link) 10) Ipoll (Link) Note:  Still looking for more ways to get moola?    Try these other, less recommended digital money apps:  Perk, Voice Poll, and Quick Thoughts.  Have more than a few minutes and a web to surf?  Coming soon is my list of favorite focus group recruiters and online survey portals.  


1) Ibotta (Referral Link) * 2) Receipt Hog (Referral Link) * 3) Receipt Pal (Link) 4) Checkout 51 (Link) 5) Saving Star (Link) 6) Snap by Groupon (Referral Link) 7) Shrink (Link; Referral Code:  KVJOLK) 8) Cartwheel (Link) 9) Cartsmart (Link) 10) Zweet (Link) Note:  If you are still hooked on the paper coupons, great!  As I do, you might be able to double-dip on savings for a while until that ship eventually sinks.  To get with the times, I might suggest trying out the following app:  Coupons.  Or, if you just really are crazy for coupons ... Coming soon, I'll post a few of the popular sites that specialize in coupon strategies!  


1) Food - Hello Fresh (Link; Referral Code 3GSBQ7) 2) Fashion - ThredUp (Referral Link) 3) Travel  - Airbnb (Referral Link) 4) Media - Netflix 5) Transportation - Lyft (Link; Referral Code JAYE273838) or Uber (Referral Link) 6) Photos - Shutterfly (Referral Link) or Drop Box (Referral Link) 7) Fitness – Coming Soon! 8) Home - Coming Soon! 9) Sports - Coming Soon! 10) Kids - Coming Soon! Note:  This topic area of digital money apps has the most subjectivity.  As you can see, many areas are still TBD and those that are populated aren’t all-encompassing.  In an effort to support conviction in the strength of a top 10, I’m still noodling on how to improve this list (so please bear with me)!
NOTE:  Whenever you see an asterisk symbol (*), keep in mind that there is an added incentive to use my referral link.  If you use 3 out of the 6 referral links and send me an email with proof of your participation/support, I will include your name along with your own referral codes in my membership page.  This will give you added credibility, ease, and convenience when building out your own referral network!