Peaceful Change

a bag of money with value-driven key words in it, symbolizing collective spending power

I rediscovered the power in numbers when exploring a diplomatic way to activate change in today's world. Understanding collective spending power as I have will make you think twice before you buy!

Conscientious Capitalism

I regularly tune into The View, a daytime talk show on ABC, to hear varying takes on daily news events.  Something that a host, Joy Behar, recently said struck a chord.  To paraphrase, she encouraged the audience to engage in a participation economy where citizens not only vote with their ballot but also with their dollars. This collective spending power (a.k.a. the degree to which people have money to buy products and services) really is empowering when you think about it. No matter what the cause, if people step up to the financial plate they really can levy change and create social good through economic means. What was I waiting for?

Education is Power

With no further ado, I educated myself on the concept of collective spending power.  Agendas aside (for fear of alienating  anyone), I compiled the below-listed facts and figures regarding population groups and social/political causes. The lists are non-exhaustive and non-reflective, but merely demonstrate the landscape of possibilities. The size of prize by demographic sub-segment holds enormous clout. The spectrum of causes to support or to oppose is vast.

From Slacktivist to Activist

As with any thing important, action requires research at the onset and over time.  If a shortcut is needed, it seems as if is a nifty website taking the lead on this initiative by highlighting trending campaigns to join.   With that, my advice is simple.  Take pause to understand your desires for change, do your own homework, and then start putting your money where your mouth is.  I know I will be.
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