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Want a faster way to search?  Try "Paste and Go", a mouse function that saves time versus the keyboard or mouse alternative. This computer hack is pretty nifty and has the potential to re-purpose 3 years of the world's time! So,  what are you waiting for? Go on, and learn more about it!

Even though I’m a “writer”, I am not a keyboard person; the mouse is better.  And here is my new #1 reason why:  Paste and Go/Search. This is a search bar shortcut that I just stumbled upon through ad hoc discovery; the "Go" is for URLs and the "Search" is for search terms.   For my visual peeps, both images are available for view  with Google Chrome as an example. FYI – It works on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome; probably other browsers too!

Man, why didn’t I find this fun fact out sooner! I have spent 38 years of my life (or really 33 as the first time I used a computer I was 5 years old) going through the laborious 2-step process of paste and Enter. At the time, this mouse/keyboard combo was faster than the 3-stroke keystrokes needed to accomplish the same output:  Ctrl + L (location bar) and Ctrl + V (for paste) and Enter. But now; wow, I can do it all in just 1 little step with Paste and Go/Search!
This one click of a button only saves me a literal second per search, but let’s just extrapolate that figure out to a larger scale.  Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide; that’s a collective 3,179.69 years saved per year (equivalent to a $170M bump up in our GDP based on an average yearly salary of $53,482) that can be put to good use in other ways!
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