Oh Goodie!

Balloons falling from sky with woman looking excited to receive a Daily Goodie BoxI was chosen to receive a Daily Goodie Box, filled with free samples and full-sized products. To celebrate, I thought you'd like to check out my joyous experience and unboxing video.

A Newbie And A Goodie

A new program has me forgetting the passé saying, “an oldie but a goodie”, and coining a new term, “a newbie and a goodie”.  It’s Daily Goodie Box, a business that sends out boxes of free goodies in exchange for thoughts/feedback.  It’s super easy to become a member and no credit card is even required in the sign-up process! For those not instantly approved like I was, they have an engaging Facebook feed where they award daily recipients via the comment section with free Goodie Boxes.

Goodie Two Shoes

My first (and hopefully not only) package arrived on Friday and I was very excited to crack that baby open; it was like my birthday had arrived 6 months early.  My son and I even made a cake in honor of this special day.  Really, we did.  And, in the excitement of unboxing … he jumped up on the table and sat on the cake.    Check out the video – there is no way I could make this stuff up!  Needlesstosay, he didn’t quite fit the well-behaved part of the “goody two shoes” definition. Oh, well; who really cares in this case!

Goodie Bags (and Boxes)

Once unpack, we explored our haul that I’d conservatively estimate at least $38 worth of goods.  Amid all the goodies, there was something for everyone to love! My husband got a kick out of Quick Dude Shower Wipes. My kiddos immediately devoured the 711 Cherry Slurpee Cotton Candy.  And, I was quick to apply and relish the Adāmia Therapeutic Repair Lotion.  Additionally, we got:  Detox Water (Lychee & White Grape), EBoost Energy Powder (Strawberry Kiwi), Bakery on Main Bunches of Crunches, #MPWR Zip Zap Gone Spot Treatment, Peanut Butter & Co Powdered Peanut Butter, and Goddess Garden natural sunscreen.

Goodie Vibes

I am so thankful that Daily Goodie Box chose me to receive this well-curated, high-quality surprise box and will be fully reviewing these products on their site over the coming week as my family and I use each and every product.  I’ll circle back here or on Instagram soon with additional product commentary so that you can understand the ins and outs and be your own judge as to whether or not the stuff is worth your time/money ... but I have a feeling it all will be!  
I am so thankful that Daily Goodie Box chose me to receive this well-curated, high-quality surprise box. My family and I used each and every product in an authentic way and really thought it was a perfect sampling of trend-forward items!
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