Nothing Shady Here

energy saving habit shown by a pic of a man at window pulling open the shadeStepping out of the shade and into the light has never been easier with this new energy saving habit. Join me in daily moola gains by adjusting your shades!

Habit Highlight

Part of our family’s daily wake-up routine is to open shades, curtains, and blinds - letting the light shine in our so that we start our day on a sunny note.  Little did I know that by chasing the dawn’s heat and light we were on the right track to financially saving up to $10/year.

Ideas Alight

I was welcomed to this world of discovery after reading a home energy report published by CenterPoint Energy (an electric and gas utility serving AR, LA, MN, MS, OK, and TX) that helps households make smart energy saving decisions. After investigating, I found their webpage robust with nearly 40 tips to reduce use. The tip that I’m highlighting today peaked my interest and surprisingly was one with the highest engagement among users:  “Open your shades on winter days”.  It applies well to all rooms (bedrooms and playrooms alike) and particularly works best from 9am-3pm, when windows face south, and if the thermostat is jointly lowered a few degrees.

Come to Light

Regardless of why you do decide to adopt this behavior and open shades there are about 50 shades of gain, including:  moola savings, extra Vitamin D, snooping abilities on neighborhood antics, or simply yet another chore to assign your child/roommate/partner/etc. So, don't sit in the shade any longer; open those windows and let the light shine in!

Laters, baby.

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