If It’s (Not) Broke, (Don’t) Fix It.

picture of a woman with a repair kitOn a recent vacation, I was screwed – literally.  My sunglasses lost a part of the hinge where the rims connect to the temple piece – leaving me unable to use them until I found a replacement part.  These were my coveted, somewhat expensive, Ralph Lauren, go-to sunglasses and I was not yet going to part with them. Good thing for me, I’m industrious and set off to fix the problem.  After purchasing a repair kit or two (both unsuccessfully compatible - but still handy to have around), I found myself one day randomly asking the clerk at service-friendly Nordstrom if they had a solution … and they did, but it was not a good one as the screw offered was too long.  So, onto Plan D (which seems so obvious now) – returning to the place of purchase:  Sunglass Hut.  Within 15 minutes of trial and error, the friendly salesman had found a match and did a “spectacular” job putting it back in one piece. And, he did it for free while humming Coldplay’s famed tune … “And, I will fix you…” Haha, that last part is not necessarily true – but it was gratis! In the end, I gotta say – all of this rigamarole was worth it – I saved hours in search time and at least $200 in replacement cost. Now, I can again happily wear my sunglasses at day (or night … wink, wink).  So, what is it you have broken that instead of replacing you could have just fixed with a repair kit?    
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