Neutral is the New Black

set of neutral colored pencils One of my go-to tricks for saving $$$ is buying items in neutral colors.  This rule of choice is non-regrettable, easy, and helpful to your budget!

Setting the Rule ...

I started doing this after a family portrait session where the photographer stressed going with a main and accent hue, but then loading in only supporting neutrals like black, brown, navy, cream, white, gray, etc.  This styling worked like a charm and we turned out looking pretty darn good (if I do say so myself).  I have since applied that same philosophy to not only wardrobe decisions, but also to other areas of life like make-up, house decor, home furnishings, electronics, school supplies, automotives, beauty, etc. In fact, it’s become a simple filter for most of my purchases!

Breaking the Rule ...

I can’t say that at times I don’t bend the rule -  usually because of my kids’ influence.  For example, they only sport black backpacks so that they never grow tired each school year of the latest character license, but for Christmas they are probably getting Pokémon lunch bags. And, they have royal blue / navy solid reversible comforters in their bedroom, but don Star Wars sheets stealthily underneath. Even with me, I invest good money into quality staples like denim jeans, white tees, camel-colored purses, etc. - but, I do have my fair share of loud (and less expensive) scarfs that provide a splash of notable pzazz that keeps me up with the latest trends.

Embracing the Rule ...

So, do allow a little fun and color to pop into that neutral palette … but remember that its often a no-regret choice to just buy the standard, in-stock color that is tried and true – even if it is a little boring to some, you are wise for doing so and your wallet will thank you!
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