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mom nursing baby to show breastfeeding benefits

There are countless advantages to breastfeeding – antibodies, nutrition, naturalness, mom/baby bonding, parent weight-loss, convenience, time-savings, etc.  However, one underrated benefit of the boob is MONEY.

Anyone will agree that formula costs are pricey; even for generic brands on sale with coupons, the expenses add up. According to a great resource, the KellyMom Blog, a year of formula costs saved by breastfeeding ranges from $816.48 to $3,163.86! This fact put things in perspective for me and gave me added motivation to postpone weening my youngest son until he’s at least 1yr old - a milestone for me as I never made it past 9 months with my other 2 boys.  Though my pumping:feeding ratio is off every now and again and I’m forced to mix up a bottle of formula … that’s OK with me.  For the other 94.23% of the time, I rely on my “liquid gold” reserves and breastfeed knowing that it’s an all-around wise investment.
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