Money Mapping

Let's use a dictionary to translate money in languages across the globe. Join me in learning new words and then in mastering world currencies!a globe with money on top demonstrating how to translate money

My kids go to a Spanish Immersion School and last night I was giddy to learn that they know the word for “money” in Spanish: “dinero”. In talking about ways to translate money in other languages around the world we were surprised to find out how few we knew, but that was about to change. Starting with our heritage, we used a Google dictionary to search Italian (i soldi), Czech (peníze), Polish (pieniądze), and Norwegian (penger). Thankfully, the words included a pronunciation button with sound. For the purposes of making this post more valuable and because I’ve yet to do a 23andMe ancestry check (so who knows what my background really is), I did a search and found this link to be the most ideal reference as it included 80 languages – though you still have to seek out the pronunciation . Speaking of Money …if you somehow master these 80 terms, go ahead and start studying the 164 currencies around the world found here. If currency doesn’t make the world go round, maybe it’ll at least give your mind a whirl as you learn a new term or two … happy learning!  
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