March Mathness Leads to Money Origami

money origami

I just participated in "March Mathness" with my children and found myself quite talented at making money origami!

My kids’ school just hosted the neatest program called “March Mathness” where they sent home a grid of 9 different activities to be completed that reinforce math concepts in a fun and practical way.  The range of assignments varied difficulty level by grade and included a range of concepts such as patterns, measurement, counting, forms, etc. One of the more creative projects was called “Art Choice” and challenged the kiddos to do art using numbers, shapes, time, money, etc. Once complete, they could bring it to school and hang it in the hallway.  My 2 boys heard money and instantly begged me to find something that fit the bill. Luckily, Google* came to the rescue and led me to suggest dollar bill origami!  My eldest chose to create a turtle while my youngest decided to make a sword. The projects took about 10 minutes each and only 1 attempt to get it right – which is honestly pretty good for the novices that we are! Check out our journey in the below slide show or our end results in my linked Instagram. Overall, my kids completed all 9 tasks and are entered in a raffle to win a prize; but, let’s be honest that the prize is now being able to unfold this cool party trick of money origami! Note:  To give credit where credit is due, the two video tutorials we followed to make these sweet trinkets were here and here
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