Introducing Rubbabu: My New Go-To Toy Brand!


I'm excited to share my discovery of Rubbabu, an awesome toy collection that kids and the environment love. I'm going to show you items I tested and the ones I still want!

First Encounter

My mother-in-law has a bin of toys she keeps at her condo for when the boys come over.  To be honest, some of the toys are hack jobs such as an oatmeal canister; but, others are the real deal.  In fact, one of them is a timeless, fan-favorite of all 3 grandkids:  Rubbablox Building Blocks.  

Formal Introduction

It wasn’t until I was matched up with Rubbabu on a marketing site called that I realized its importance. This brand was award-winning for its natural rubber foam toys that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, hand-made, ethically produced, simple yet imaginative, super soft like velvet, and safe for all ages.  

Joint Venture

In exchange for an honest review, Rubbabu hooked me up with a set of 7 toys I chose based on my kids’ ages and interests.  Their catalog was extensive and very stimulating , making it hard to choose what we wanted; but, here is the list of products that we finally decided upon and then received to test. ps. The videos can be found on my Instagram.

Next Steps

While these toys are now very popular in our household and have earned a permanent bin in our toy shelf (partly because the packaging was not super long-lasting), my kids have already begun to curate our next batch of wish list  items that will likely arrive as future birthday, holiday, or surprise gifts. Specifically, the big kids want Medieval Knight Swords and Shields and the little kid wants a Fruit/Vegetable Sorter.

Ongoing Relationship

Rubbabu is for sure, hands down the first thing I think of now when it’s time to purchase or recommend a gift.  And, there is no better time than now as they have just launched a campaign in which they will donate one toy for every one bought on  I'm confident that they have something for every child and will continue a pipeline of innovation that makes me proud.  I encourage you to support this growing brand too and follow #LetsGiveRubbabu to see updates of their giving campaign!
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