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a guy wrapping a package to mail symbolizing an eBay reviewA wide spectrum of options is available for getting rid of or acquiring stuff and each has its own sweet spot. Personally, I place my bids on eBay as one of my loved choices in an online marketplace.

List It

eBay is great thanks to its broad category appeal, large user base, slick app with easy photo uploads, and handy features.   In my experience, what works best for maximized profitability is selling brand names that are at least “like new” classifications, light-weight, and/or small in size or dimension.   For example, I’ve upcycled some baby items like baptismal gowns, collectible CDs/DVDs, spare ink cartridges, or clothing that no longer fits.

Sell It

Generally, my process for uploading items is to price at 10-20% original value and offer reasonable shipping rates ($2.99 - $6.45, respectively if it is LT 1lb or fits in a pre-paid box).  I always select the 7 day window and then have it auto-renew 3 times. As a tip, I also tend to “watch” my own items which creates some competitive activity to others watching the same items.

Earn It

If an item doesn’t sell, I have no issues with then donating it because at least I tried to reap more value out of it. For those wondering on the type of impact this can have … In the past 60 days across 6 items after shipping costs I’ve earned $22.21 (an average of $3.74/item). If we extrapolate this data to my lifetime review count of 137, it totals nearly $500 in earned income to my PayPal account. And, did you know? In my experience about 1/4 of my shipments route to armed forces bases in which I include a note of thanks for their service; what a great way to support our troops!

Do It

I have a shelf in my home office where I ongoingly gather and store all items that I’d like to dispose of as I prune my belongings or apply the “One In, One Out” policy.  I use a monthly cadence for organizing everything, allowing for efficient uploading and processing.  There are 4 piles:  eBay, Nextdoor, Consignment Store, Goodwill.  For today’s post, I highlighted my eBay usage and hope it encourages you to start selling or buying there too.  
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