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an artist planning their next thing for my pixers post

I'm adding a few finishing touches to my home after a remodel to give it some warmth, fun, and excitement. Check out what I found on Pixers and stay tuned for more changes in the future.

Pixers This

My family is weeks shy of finishing a 7+ year home renovation and I couldn’t be more exhilarated at the thought!  While my hubs did much of the heavy lifting late at night and on the weekends, we finally hired a crew this year to help him with the final expansion plans.  This part of the home project got messy and recently displaced our family for 2 months. 

And, Pixers That

To make the return home a bit more special, I have partnered with Pixers to add some finishing touches.  Below is a sneak peek at what I have planned. Like me, I’m sure you are eager to see the big reveal.  I’ll take the guesswork out of it and post before/after pictures in the coming weeks and months on my Instagram feed.  Maybe you’ll get inspired to change it up too and that will be made easy when you use the promo code MOOLAMOM that gives you 40% off every purchase on their site - what a deal!

Sneek Peek

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