I Gotta Ibotta

Online Shopping Concept
Online Shopping Concept

Cut it out!  Believe me when I say that I get cash for coupons in a modernized way with a digital app called Ibotta.  Click away on the popular trend of e-clipping, which has me and my team earning some mega-moola.

Keep Your Coupons Close…

Ibotta (pronounced like “I bought a …”) is a free cash back shopping app on both iOS and Android that provides a simple, personalized, and handy way to save money every week on groceries with participating retailers in all areas of the country. To promote interaction with the brands, unlocking offers is not done through traditionally clipping/storing but by engaging with short polls, quick recipes, fast fun facts, or brief ad videos. It’s a legitimate and worthwhile alternative (and/or addition) to using paper coupons!

Keep Your Couponing Friends Even Closer…

As done with many other referrals on my site, you can trust that I’ve test driven this digital tool and am familiar enough with it to give you (my trusted, money-minded BFFs) the rundown on its basic features and insider tips/tricks. So, with no further ado, my favorite parts of Ibotta are the following:
  • Savings of up to $0.50/each on generic items such as milk, bread, bananas, cereal, etc.
  • Extra earnings of us to $2/month from team performance based on the group with which you are associated. Join mine now through this LINK or with this code (juotcrp).
  • Sign on, one-time bonuses of $5 minimum for both you and your referrals (and more during key promotional times of the year – like right now you’ll get $10).
  • Incentives up to $3/each for activities that are at first focused on using different app features and then shift to purchasing seasonally relevant product categories.

Keep Calm/Cool and Collect…

This app is no joke with over 2 million active monthly users and over $171 million in cash back rewards earned over time!  Payments come via $20 installments through PayPal, Venmo, or nearly unlimited gift card options. To break it down , I’d consider myself a “light” user averaging 2 offers per week with a small team currently consisting of only my mother (though you should join us too through this LINK or this code:  juotcrp).  My lifetime earnings to-date are $88.90 - an average of $50.80 per year, $4.23 per month, or $0.98 per week.  My time expended totals 2 minutes per week to find offers, unlock offers, scan in barcodes, and upload receipts – equating to earnings per hour of approximately $29.40 (which is very near the US average income wage of $25.72, making it well worthwhile).  Cha-ching; you gotta try out Ibotta!
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