Happy Birthdays to You

a picture of a shared birthday party with kids , balloons, and cake

Combining a birthday celebration with siblings is practical, but with friends can be ingenious!

In full transparency, I have yet to try this out myself from a host standpoint – but, I have attended 2 such birthday parties and both really got me thinking of the potential of a shared birthday party.

Positive Aspects

  • Saves Money:  Our budget for birthday parties is $300; splitting it with another family would save approximately $150.
  • Shares Workload: The time planning, coordinating, shopping, managing, setting/cleaning up, etc. averages 6+ hours; involving another family would save at least 3 hours of time.
  • Increases Attendance: Especially with friend groups (i.e. daycare or school), weekends fill with events and it becomes an obligation vs. a treat to attend; cutting the invite/evite count in half might raise your RSVP count.


  • Creates Gift Logistics: A double party might imply double presents, but not always. Some parents anticipate this and ask for gender/age specific presents that the kids can split or donation presents that the kids can give.
  • Involves Co-planning: Working with others can be as difficult as you make it, especially if values or expectations don’t align; keep it simple by choosing a partner that you already know/trust.
  • Risks “Specialness”: This factor is probably more of a bruising thought for the parents than the kids – who are bound to love sharing their bash w/ their bestie. To avoid conflict, host an extra, smaller family gathering and put all the spotlight on yours truly.

Icing on the Cake

For those thinking a joint party is a great idea, I have crafted a few forms of the “Happy Birthday” chorus that you may consider when the time is right: “Happy Birthdays to You”, “Happy Birthsday to You”, “Happy Birthday to You Both”, and “Happy Birthday to Two”. ps.  Feel free to leave your own version of a shared birthday party song in the comment section!
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