Hair Cuts

hair cuts

Let's all have a good day (and a good hair day) knowing that we can trim our budgets, but not the quality or stylist, simply by spacing out the time between haircuts.

Looking Good

When I worked full-time, I loved to change up my look with regular hair styles:  bobs, layers, bangs, etc.  While I never got too crazy and colored my hair or anything (because I’m waiting ‘til the gray kicks in to start that up), it was fun to experiment with different haircuts and I didn’t mind the maintenance or cost. I spent about $50 every 6 weeks.  Money well spent on looking/feeling good, plus the courtesy lotions, hot towels, fashion magazines, and shoulder massages were a godsend on stressful days.

Feeling Good

However, now that I’m working less and at times living in a ponytail there is no reason to keep up that routine. So, like Rapunzel I just let it grow long and easy without the curls and waves since I’m blessed or cursed (not sure which) with lots of thin, straight locks.  While I can’t seem to stray from my lovely hairstylist (who is a keeper), I spaced out my trims to every 12 weeks – slashing my prior annual spend of $450 by half to $225, a $225 savings!

All Good

To maximize the blow outs, I space my appointments around major moments:  November (for my birthday), February (for Valentine’s day), May (for summer reset), and August (for family photos). And for those wondering about the men in my life, I tested out the same cadence but their locks looked gnarly by the 8wk mark so they go bimonthly starting in February with me to maintain some overlap on the chaos of calendar scheduling.  So, tell me - do you think this idea a cut above or what? 
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    1. You’re super welcome! I’ll soon be posting a haircut on my Instagram feed, so stay tuned for more!

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