Gym Justi”fee”cation

arm wrestles with money to title my post on gym fees

It's time to disclose how much I pays for a gym fees and it isn't cheap! Watch me battle out the costs vs. the benefits of my work-out membership.

As do many, I enjoy a funny meme and there is no shortage of them when it comes to gym membership and the month of January; a personal collection of them is below for your amusement.  This topic made me reflect on my own gym-going routine … which started as a nice-to-have item in my budget that now is a need-to-have item in my life. In three parts (just like any good exercise session has), I’ll explain.


My membership fee at Lifetime Fitness is $99 plus $60 for childcare (at $20/child) for a total monthly payment of $169.  Most months I do go 12 times and reap the benefit of a $20 discount through HealthPartners – making the new cost $149.   And, it’d be far less if you factored in my one-time signing bonus of $300 LT Bucks (Lifetime’s currency), the $100 LT Bucks for free months of swimming offered to my children, the free trainer sessions for anniversary/birthdays, and the 12 guest passes I get on an annual basis.

Training Session

Now, I will be the first to say that that’s still a whole lot of money to spend on a gym membership when there are cheaper alternatives like our in-door treadmills, access to running paths right out our doorstep, and even other competitive offerings like Snap Fitness or LA Fitness.  It’s literally the 13th largest annual expense our household makes! But, I’m not complaining because the value is a good, if not great one.  This fee buys me top-notch instructors, a heated lap-pool, a stocked locker room (with shampoo, towels, lotions, razors, you-name-it), and most importantly about 24 hours of quality childcare per month (a value of ~$240). They even provide parent parking – like the opposite of the “family tax” I get just about everywhere else I go.

Cool Down

Literally, when I was laid off from my job a year or so ago this gym membership was the one item that I increased my spend on; say what - right?!?! At the time, I was putting summers on hold to enjoy outside activities and re-purpose the money to joining the local aquatic center, but realized it was cheaper to just keep my membership active and drive to another gym location to use their outdoor pools/slides. So, it’s justified – according to me, at least. Now only if I could justify away those extra sugar cookies and egg nog I indulge on during the holidays … guess I’ll have to head to the gym and get my work-out on!
ps. As promised, here are the funny "January" gym memes I mentioned above!
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