Gracious Gratuities

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Tipping norms aside, could there be a reason for a 100% tip?

Perhaps you’ve experienced perfect service, are wealthy enough for it not to matter, or just had an extremely hot server and thought to yourself … I should pull a solid and leave a 100% tip. A tangential benefit to this approach is that it takes the daunting task of tipping math out of the equation as you struggle to manually calculate 15%, 18%, 20%, etc. (Though, I do make this easier with advice on es"tip-math"ing it in this post.) On an aside -  if your server really was "that hot" and "that single", I would advise leaving your larger than life tip in cash and writing in your name /  phone number on the tip line! In full transparency, I have only given a 100% tip one time in my life for a bill circa $25 - and boy did it feel good. There was no reason other than I was celebrating something and feeling good so wanted to pass along the feeling. Little did I know; I was onto something important.  When researching this topic I stumbled upon the 100% Tip Challenge, where businesses and individuals commit to leaving a 100% tip once/month - talk about paying it forward!  
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  1. That really is a great idea to give a 100% tip, I think it would help servers in many ways.

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