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an orange gift card to relay my post on spending gift cardsGift cards aren't always the perfect gift. Despite boasting no expiration date or fees, I checked the balance on mine and found big opportunity areas.


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Due to a few mishaps in misplacing our family’s pool passes this summer (which are printed on 2x3in plastic cards that resemble credit/gift cards), I was in desperate need to organize my home’s junk drawers along with other culpable places of interest like wallets, purses, car glove compartments, landing zones, etc. In doing so, I was very surprised at my findings:  47 unused gift cards!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The pile stacked nearly 2 inches high and totaled approximately $800 (with a picture of proof on Moola Mom's Instagram Account).  Included was even a paper voucher to a store no longer in business and another store credit valued at $350 courtesy of a return I did circa our 2009 wedding that was over 7 years ago! Not only did I feel silly for overlooking these methods of tender for so long, most of which were generous gifts with some acquired through self-purchase or promotion kickbacks, but I also felt guilty for being so cash-liquid that I didn’t really need to rely on using them.   Was it really that HARD for me to go about spending gift cards?


Since inactivity fees are really no longer, my major concern was lost interest.  Using US inflation figures, I backed into the amount of deflation I incurred by not using the full $800 at the approximate date of receipt.  Astonished, the amount came to a whopping $87.53 in money down the drain due to my laziness. Since discovering this cost, I have been on a mission to burn through this pile of plastic even if it means buying things I wouldn't normally purchase, reselling them on, or stooping so low as to even re-gift a few of them.  Hopefully, this theoretical gift card from me to you serves as a cautionary tale and encourages similar action in spending gift cards!


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