Full of Garbage


Monday is trash day in our part of town. So, today it’s time to take out the rubbish! The first thing to go is our garbage can – literally.

Garbage in, Garbage out

Feeling a bit down in the dumps about our budget, I decided to tackle the good ’ole utility bill and found that lowering the service level saved tons. This entailed trading out our current 90 gallon cart ($99/quarter) for a new 60 gallon cart ($67.50/quarter).  With no switching fee, this frees up $31.50/quarter or $126/year.  Even though some weeks the trash goes out more than we do, we won’t be missing the extra cubic space as I’ve not yet once in 6 years filled that 90 gallon tank up to the brim. Now, recycling … that’s another story thanks to the constant stream of Amazon boxes!

Garbage Collector

If you want to mimic my waste management skills, head to your local utility company’s website and search for a form called “Solid Waste Selection Form”.  Yep, you read that correctly. Gross, is right!  While you are virtually dumpster diving through the site, keep your eyes open for other savings too.  Like me, you might find a “No Glass Clippings” option that saves another $12/year. Ok, that’s enough trash talk for now. I’m at your disposal in the comment section should you want to carry on this conversation about how we’ll get filthy rich one smart change at a time.
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One thought on “Full of Garbage

  1. This is a brilliant suggestion! They just raised our rates here. I’ll get on downsizing. Also, we are composting more and more (thank you, San Fran). That’s helped, too.

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