Free Lunch Free-for-All

a business card handout, symbolizing how to win a free lunch

Want to figure out an honest way to up your chances and win a free lunch in those infamous business card battles played out in restaurant fishbowls?  You can with my secret trick!

We are all familiar with the clear goldfish bowl that sits upon the counter at our favorite fast casual restaurants like Bruegger's or Potbelly.  It boasts a sign that reads something along the lines of “Enter to win a free lunch for your … !” and is filled with business cards from hopeful participants.  If like me, you reach into your wallet and toss a 2x3 into the pile (as there’s nothing really better to do with your time when held captive in line, right?).   To make the odds more favorable, many consider throwing multiple cards into the mix; but, ultimately they don’t for fear of disqualification. However, there is a moral solution at hand. Consider my brainchild which is to carry not only your own business cards in your wallet, but also your business partner’s or significant other’s business cards.  When encountering the next business fishbowl you can confidently toss TWO cards into the stack and double your office’s or household’s odds of winning – selfishly benefiting all the same!     
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