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cookie care packages of cookie monster treats

I learned sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles when my grandma's cookie care packages got traded in for cash due to a real-life "cookie monster"!

Spoiled Rotten

Growing up I was spoiled with homemade desserts to accompany Sunday family night dinners.  These were signature tokens of my grandma’s love and talent; for example, blonde brownie bars, cranberry/white chocolate cookies, iced pumpkin loaves, and chocolate chip peanut butter fudge treats. When I went off to college, my grandma took great pride in sending me regular cookie care packages filled with her yummy sweets.  They were the hit of the hall - meaning that all of my dormmates shared in the joy of eating the goodies, which were far tastier than those found in the dining hall! However, here’s the rotten part; Alzheimer’s soon affected my grandma’s memory .  Due to a few serious Sunday night faux paus … my mother had to cut her off from the oven.  But, that didn’t stop her; she was one tough cookie and wouldn't be shaken by the "cookie monster". One by one, she mailed me her recipes on index cards to make myself.

Funny Money

When the first recipe envelope arrived, out with it came a few dollar bills and a handful of change (i.e. the money). If memory serves me, it was about $3.72 or so. A sticky note came on top of the recipe card saying something along the lines of “DIY. This is how much these cost if you prorate the ingredients.” Two things came to mind: 1) DIM? I had no pantry to prorate from in my dorm room!, and 2) Wouldn’t a simple $5 bill have sufficed?  In debriefing this strange hand-out with my mother, she claims the $3.72 was simply what GG had in her wallet and had nothing to do with the cost of the cookies (i.e. the funny).

Handled With Care

The lesson learned was that there was no cookie cutter approach to cookie care packages.  Regardless of the reason, Grandmas handled with care her dilemma, and she kept those campus cookies coming no matter the cost.   Years later, I smile thinking about how sweet it was to have received a care package of any type – cookie or cash! Umm-num-num-num.
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