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At first, I was skeptic of the all-too-good-to-be-true stories of people that work from home and make a gainful living.  But the more I put that judgment aside and sought to understand, the more I realized that it works quite well for some people - including myself.

The Gig Economy

Many of us have heard that the gig economy is the next wave of workforce evolution, enabled by technology and generational changes.  Personally, I’ve seen work from home slowly been adapted by colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.  For example, some have become independent contractors, a few freelancers, others entrepreneurs, many part of the part-time pool, several work-from-home moms, etc.  This portfolio approach to income has its advantages such as flexibility, control, and values alignment.  However, it also comes with a lack of security and perhaps upfront risk in find clients and/or customers. Yet, for nearly all the pros outweigh the costs.

My Gig Economy

My experience as a stay-at-home parent during the summer when I’m not teaching makes me interested in this economy shift as I’m always looking for ways to maximize my free time with money-making opportunities that pad our salary, allowing for little pleasures here or there.  To share, I dabbled in this sort of thing over the past 12 months and pulled in $4,939.58 of side income in 113 separate spare moments of cashouts through money-making apps. (Just type in referral into my tags and you'll be able to see how, in detail.) This does not include the extra pay received from blogging or online tutoring, both of which provide alternative streams of income.

Your Gig Economy

For those of you wondering where to start in the work from home arena, HERE is an extensive list of options for stay at home parents employment gigs.  I can testify to knowing many successful people employed in these ways such as copywriters, bookkeepers, online tutorers (me!), web designers, direct sales agents, survey takers (me!), affiliate marketers (me!), technical support staff, etc. The virtual nature of these jobs lets one amp up or down hours without sacrificing quality of work – thereby allowing you to prioritize your schedule and return-on-investment. Nothing is a sure thing, but for gigness sakes it's about time to explore this gig route as its becoming more and more popular with the masses!
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One thought on “For Gigness Sakes

  1. I’m totally making my way towards this path right now. I would love to work from home full time, but still doing something that I love to do. Thanks for the insight, Jaye!!

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