Dollar Signs – Which Do You See?

a yellow sign with dollar signs on it

If you're anything like me, I bet you've never taken pause to ponder the design of the dollar symbol, which surprisingly has 2 similar yet different shapes - one with 1 line through it and another with 2 lines through it.

A Quick Exercise

Before you read any further, draw a few dollar signs on a piece of paper.

Dollar Sign Debrief

Did you include one line or two through the S shape?  If you drew it with 2 lines, you are surprisingly in the minority (according to my primary analysis).

Scrappy Research

According to my studies, there are 5 main reasons why the one-lined dollar sign is more popular than the two-lined dollar sign:
  • Wikipedia references the one-lined sign as first appearing in history.
  • Any keyboard shows it with one line above the #4 key.
  • The dollar coin issued in 2007 only includes one line.
  • Google images returned 71 out of 100 images with one line vs. two lines.
  • Nasdaq uses the one-line symbol in its stock activity charts.

Dollar Signs on the Line

In case you were wondering, this topic kept me up at night when designing my logo.  The deciding factor for me was simple logic:  more lines = more money.  Let me know if you think I made the right call with my choice!
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