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chattering teeth about a bad dentist

I steer clear of rants and vent-fests on this blog for fear of alienating readers, offending sponsors, or insulting anyone.   But, brace for it; this week I am breaking this self-made promise and unleashing a public OMG with the target being two-fold: my husband and his bad dentist office.

Chew On This

Here’s the deal.  When I lost my job last year due to a layoff, I also lost my family’s dental insurance. The plan had afforded us all 6 month check-ups that my kids and I attended with perfect attendance.  My husband, however, regularly missed his appointments with excuses ranging from his “perfect track record of no cavities” to his “lack of time / scheduling issues.” It used to irk me to no end paying for his preventive care that he neglected to use.


Luckily for us, the Affordable Care Act covered our children’s’ continued dental care through our health insurance. But, us big kids - me and my husband - were SOL.  To bide time between visits, I invested in a good tooth brush and doubled-up on my brushing/flossing. My husband, ironically, had other plans that I stumbled upon when doing our annual budget reconciliation.  First, I discovered that he got a $50 Groupon for a cleaning.  (How selfish! Where was mine?) Secondly, he then scheduled another, stand-alone appointment with a dentist. (Again, only one!  What about me?)

Tooth Aches

All and all, I’m now quite relieved I didn’t go to the bad dentist that he chose because that practice was a huge scam that took advantage of him.  Not only did they not provide the cleaning that he was scheduled for, but they instead unjustifiably charged $130 for a comprehensive oral evaluation and $156 for an intraoral complete series along with a $5.75 charge for MN provider care (???).  When the bill for $291.75 came (!!!) and we challenged it, we were met with no response and no resolution. Instead, they just resent us the same damn bill.

Teething Mad

I’m so teething mad about this office’s bad antics and fraudulent mischarges that I’ve decided to pay them an in-person visit tomorrow with a list of consequences should they not adjust our bill.  For example ... in addition to adding their business name to this public post, I plan to report them to the BBB, to provide a complaint about them to the American Dental Association, to rate them poorly on their Facebook page, and to negatively Yelp about them.  To put it mildly, I am one “caliente diente” right now and do not plan on letting them get away with this cavity-like behavior!  
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