Cut it in Half and Double it

a $20 bill cut into pieces to symbolize my post's point to cut in half to save money

Here are my top 5 things to cut in half to save money.  These household hacks and the silly phrase I say with scissors in hand should resonate with you!

Many frugal families have caught onto household hacks that take little effort, but yield high rewards.  I’m in that camp too – looking for easy ways to extend the life of items I use so that my wallet thanks me. To be clear, I’m not advocating to reuse a tea bag; that would be an extreme measure.  What I am suggesting is a simple trick here or there that maximizes utility and reduces waste. For example, below are my top 5 solutions used to cut in half to save money that create a $104.61 annual impact to my bottom line by simply using half of the recommended usage.  To further stretch your savings, you could even cut some of these into thirds or quarters. Realizing the slight humor in this behavior, I initiate funny banter with my husband or kids whenever I find a new way to save by quoting Niles Standish: “Cut it in half and double it.”  Try it out the next time you find you own way to use less and save more!
Item Brand Item Count / Box Suggested Retail Price Household Purchases / Year Household Spend / Year Household Savings / Year
Dryer Sheets Snuggle 200 $7.99 2 $15.98 $7.99
Facial Cleanser Pads Aveeno 28 $6.79 12 $81.48 $40.74
Paper Towels Bounty Select-a-Size 8 $13.99 6.5 $90.94 $45.47
Printer Paper HP 750 $7.19 2 $14.38 $7.19
Magic Erasers Mr. Clean Select-a-Size 6 $3.49 2 $6.98 $3.49
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