School Beans!

Let's talk about coffee and a scholarship. Read the details below to see if you could be the lucky winner. If not, share with friends to express-o how much they "bean" to you!

I’m now a proud mama of two kids who have respectively finished pre-K and Kindergarten. As I watched their graduations ceremonies each song, speech, and happening made me reflect on my own educational journey through elementary, middle, and high-school as well as my undergrad and grad programs. Surprisingly, the one thought that stood out among many was the scholarship offerings and array of selected recipients.   Most grants fell as either needs-based or merit-based, and I always seemed to fall just shy of being the “chosen” one.  But, I recall that there often were these wacky, weird, and wonderful options in the private sector for those that sought after them.  So, while I can’t offer up much in way of putting a dent in today’s tuition rates … there is one thing I can do to help with all those study breaks. I’m going to sponsor a Moola Mom “scholarship” for someone just like me!  The first person to email me with legit proof of either a high-school / college ranking of #14 or a GPA of either 3.53 or 3.79 will get a $15 e-giftcard to Bean Box, one of Seattle’s coolest caffeinators!
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