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March, 2018

“You look cute.” Those 3 words were uttered for the 1st time to me by my son, Palmer, after 7.5yr of life … all because I casually popped on my new grey/black striped Bluetooth Beanie from Caseco when heading over to early morning basketball practice with him this past Saturday; needless to say, this item is now a keeper!  Even better is the fact that I’m obsessed with it too because it’s dual-layered knitted material keeps me warm (even on the coldest MN days) and has built-in tech that lets me multi-task hands-free while exercising, running errands, or doing chores (like shoveling out our front yard as seen here). This stylish gadget is a game-changer for me and I can’t wait to get another one for my husband as a gift soon!

February, 2018

While I’m horribly near-sighted, my need for reading glasses is still (hopefully) years off.  Yet - when pitched with the idea to partner on a review post for, I couldn’t possibly say no when their slogan poignantly is “Happy Eyes, Happy Wallet”. As with all reviews, I want to truly use and support the product so found two accessories to check out and try:  microfiber lens cleaning cloth and Purity Lens Cleaner.  These items were high quality and worked great on my Coach eyeglasses, removing the smudges and providing a clear view. And, for your eyes only, provided an extra sample that I’m raffling off; ENTER NOW  through 2/28/18 for your chance to win!

 January, 2018

I’ve spent many nights trying to comfort non-medicated ailments like croup, food-poisoning, aches/pains, and the such.  Helplessness is insufferable, so I turn to time-tested remedies:  hot/cold compresses, humidifiers, elevation, or plain & simple TLC.  A newer addition for me are essential oils, specifically the 5 proven by science: eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, cinnamon bark oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil.  After dabbling on my own for a while, I now serve as an ambassador for the Essential Oil Recipe Box by Simply Earth, a company offering natural products for a purpose.  Their monthly subscription kit has empowered me to be a bit more zen-like in my approach to life by trying to understand the powerful advantages of nature. If you’d like to try out what I’ve been up to, click here and use the promo code MOOLAMOMFREE for a $40 gift card after subscribing to your first box!

November, 2017

In your hand; that’s where this product should be – now!  After trying it, I can say that that the Viewbase from In Your Face is this year’s equivalent to the success of last year’s selfie stick! There are tons of great applications for this flexible phone holder.  For example, I stuck it on my kitchen’s upper cabinets and followed recipes as I cooked (note – this eased my neck which normally was bent down viewing it), I placed it on my bathroom’s granite countertop and listened to a podcast during my morning routine (note – it would’ve gotten wet if left on the counter),  and I put it on my bedroom door that was left ajar to watch tv from my bed (note – typically I have to tirelessly hold it up with one hand).  I’m sure once you own it you’ll find several other uses for it as well either at home, at work, on the go, or in the car.

 October, 2017

“Abundance flows through you.”  This is the inscription left to me in the inside book cover of Manifest $10,000 by Cassie Parks. I thought this captured the essence of her book quite well and was an inspiring message. After a cover-to-cover read, I found her book to have some good points regarding the law of attraction (i.e. All thoughts turn into things, eventually.) as it applied to money.  This philosophy is a bit more whimsical than my approaches to date, but they could be complementary to my own moola manifesting journey. At the root of it, she echoes some of my ideas around taking partners on your journey and appreciating all the money that comes into your life, like even a dime” (pg. 23). This type of mentality really is effective.


August, 2017

This product, Busy Beauty Showerless Shave ® Gel, is a lifesaver for those moments where you just must shave, but don’t really want to take a full shower, half-shower, or sink shower. Instead, now you can just whip this baby out and voila – fast, mess-free, and effective shaving gel that doesn’t even need water (for on the go moments). And, what a bonus that the packaging is delightful too; it means that you can confidently keep this in your gym-bag, glove compartment, or purse for easy access when needed and no one will judge you for it – in fact, they’ll likely ask you what that cute bottle is all about!

June, 2017

Individually, I played Ocean Raiders by LogicRoots with my kids, Palmer (6.5yr) and Neil (5yr).  Their response to the awesome underwater adventure board game was summed up with Palmer’s quote: “Yeah, I could bring this to school … but, they’d end up keeping it so let’s not bring it to school yet because I want to play it again at our house.”  That’s a success if you ask me!  From start to finish, the game took us about 35 minutes and was a wonderful way to practice our math skills while having fun, quality time as a family.  The best part of the game for Neil was winning (go figure) and the worst part was when he got a typhoon move from sector 37 to 10. Along with reinforcing left brain math concepts like number identification, sequence, and counting it also introduced my kids to many new vocabulary words such as “sector”, “raider”, and “beware”. All and all - for this reasonable price, I think the game will totally be my next go-to, STEM birthday gift.

May, 2017

Bathing suit season is around the corner and I've been gearing up with lots of physical activity to get in shape.  For example, I'm regularly pounding the pavement round the chain of lakes near my home and shaking my groove thing at my biweekly Urban Pop Dance classes.  While the results are showing up (i.e. bye-bye baby weight and hello license weight), my body is achy and sore and tired and every other similar adjective.  So when the pitch to review these Maple Holistics Lavendar Bath Salts showed up, I said heck yes.  Plus ,it gave me a legitimate reason to spend an extra 20 minutes in my bathroom oasis and enjoy some long overdue R&R which the lavender scent only accentuated and made more perfect.

April, 2017

I live and die by all things iced coffee so this sample of Caveman Coffee NITRO Cold Brew was a no-brainer to review; I couldn't wait for the package to arrive and to get my taste buds on a new brand and style of the good stuff.  And, neither could "Moola Dad" because he instantly cracked one open (without asking, mind you) on day #1 when working late at night on the computer. It got a thumbs up from him, but I quickly squirreled away the other 3 cans and savored their flavor over 3 separate mornings ... 1st while standing at the bus stop with my kids, 2nd while enjoying a breakfast of glazed lemon bread, and 3rd while just chilling out with a magazine on my deck.  Each was a fine moment made finer with this product in my hand.
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