Personal Offers

Sometimes fans ask me about how they can be a part of my site.    I've tinkered around with some ideas and have come up with the following offers.

Moola Matters

Similar in nature to "Dear Abby",  for a $25 one-time fee send me a question and I'll publicly (or privately) provide an answer.  My response will be candid and opinion-based, requiring no formal research/footnotes *though once in a while I may throw in this leg-work pro bono!

Moola Fans

Maybe you relate well to content I've published and wish for the world to forever know it. For a $50 one-time fee, send me a testimonial about why you relate well to the post I've already written and I'll creatively incorporate your name into the original post.

Moola Talks

Some of you really want to orchestrate my content calendar and writing samples - putting your thumbprint on the site. So, for a $100 one-time fee that can be yours when you pitch an idea / time-window to me and I deliver.  This is similar to guest-posting,  but at personal (not business) pricing level.