Partnership can have an incredible impact on my business and yours.  Let's work together in a variety of ways to find win-win solutions that take our projects to the next level.



Since marketing of my site began 3 months ago, analytics have been tracking at following levels over the 90 day period:
  • 10,000+ Users
  • 50,000+ Pages Viewed
  • 55%+ Repeat
  • 300+ Facebook Audience
  • 2016 Quarterly Newsletters:  Q2, Q3, Q4
  • 2017 Quarterly Newsletters:  Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4


In various tabs, I have detailed explanations of my offerings and rate cards.  For example,


If there are ideas you have for working together not yet described, please contact me to discuss; I'm very open to new concepts and revenue streams!

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