It’s Going to be a Coin Toss.

at a football game the coach flip a coin

There is no waiting until Gameday to flip a coin. It's my go-to trick for dispute resolution, wisdom transference, math lessons, or playtime with Moola Kids.

Beyond Football (or "Fútbol Americano)

Whenever there is a need for dispute resolution between my boys, I bring out the coin.  In fact, it even works when someone is wrestling with a personal choice because as they saying goes, “When that coin is in the air, suddenly you know what you are hoping for”.   Also, it doesn’t hurt to dust off our counting skills from time to time and tally up some results. FYI – did you know the running tally of Superbowl flips is 24 Heads (48%) vs. 26 Tails (52%)?

In “Coin”clusion

These reasons are all great, but my favorite has to be the simplicity of a good game of “Heads or Tails”.  As you can see from my recent Instagram posting, we have a lot of fun doing this coin toss for any amount of time or counts…. Pennys = 1min or 1x, Nickels = 5min or 5x, Dimes = 10min or 10x, etc.  And, if you don’t carry change around with you – no worries!  You can check out this neat website I found called
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