Coin FUNnels

Ever wonder what to call that big plastic thingamabob kids love so much where a coin is released from the launch pad and then watched spinning around and around (and around…) until finally dropping into the accumulating donation abyss? Well, let me show and tell you!

These contraptions can be found in all types of public spaces like malls, amusement parks, charity events, office buildings, and the such. A few years ago, my kids and I encountered one at our local zoo, Como Park, and have since made it a tradition to stop and play it at each visit (note - see Moola Kids' action video here).  It’s mindless fun and the money goes to a good cause so who am I to stop the fun? Call me crazy, but I was trying to share this memory with my friend the other day and I was at a loss for words as to what to call the darn thing.  The best I could come up with was “Crazy Change Collector”, but that just didn’t seem right.  So, I continued to brainstorm alternative names for this whatchamacallit:  Money Twister, Penny Chaser, Nickel Roller, Dime Dropper, Quarter Orbiter, Curvy Catcher, Gravity Well, Hourglass Hole, Coin Spinner, Interactive Donation Box, and finally Savings Chute.  In the end, I took to Google and found the most common term to be Spiral Wishing Wells and Coin Funnels. Who knew? Well, now you know! These devices have raised over $1 BILLION for charities around the world. Even better.. you can get your own Mini-Well Vortx® coin bank to use at birthday parties, charity events, or even home fun. Check out Spiral Wishing Wells for more details about this amazing toy. They even have a “Student Guide” that teaches about the physics of the funnel, planetary orbits, tornadoes, and whirlpools.  This toy is GREAT for Show-and-Tell! 
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